To create the best dog hotel in England

The Pawchester Hotel is the invention of, me, Sharon Berg supported by my husband, Jonathon Berg.

I am a retired NHS matron and Jonathon ran an IT company for many years.  Now we are done with our vocational professional lives we want to do something else.

For some years now our dream has been to set up a dog hotel to offer bespoke boarding to the distinguished pet.  In the past we have struggled to find somewhere our own dogs can stay happily and safely when we want to go a trip, perhaps to visit relatives or for a city-break.  We have friends, relatives and neighbours we can ask, but it is always a worry that they don't really want to take our dogs or circumstances may change that make things difficult.  We simply don't like kennels - no offence to those running kennels but we don't want an environment where other dogs are jostling for dominance and we cannot be sure our mutts are getting the best treatment.  So we came up with the idea of a short-stay luxury dog hotel.

Several years in the making, The Pawchester Hotel is a boutique hotel for dogs with individual rooms that feature the comforts of home like furniture, TV and a camera so you, our customers, can check-in on your dog any time they want to.

After a lot of planning and investment, the dream has become a reality and we hope it affords both convenient and peace of mind to others who want to know there is somewhere safe and comfortable they can leave their dogs.