After much discussion, the name "The Pawchester Hotel" has been chosen.

3/24/2022 News

A lot of discussion went into this one.....

A lot of discussion went into this - initially it was "Nana's Scruffs" but that wasn't too memorable and made for a poor domain name (although it was registered!).  

After that, to set the correct tone, the name of "The Best Marigold Dog Hotel" was suggested by Jonathon.  But although this moved towards the right image, it was rather long and awkward.  However the idea of modelling the name on a hotel was liked, so Sharon and Jonathon listed all the top-notch hotels they could think of, such as the Hilton, Intercontinental, Churchill, Langham, Ned and, of course, The Dorchester.  

"Dorchester.  Pawchester!" said Sharon, and the name was born.  Jonathon searched for domains and although "" and  "" were gone "" was available, short and memorable.  So that was that.